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Richard Cummings 2005

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Richard's Hot Sauce Co. Presents Super XXX Hot Sauce. This is the perfect proportion of 4 varieties of super hot peppers (Ghost, Habanero, Cayenne, and Peri Peri) and premium spices for mouthwatering flavor and eye-watering heat. Made with Richard's signature focus on flavor and absolutely NO extracts. Remember Richard's 4 Hot Sauce!



Kiss your beloved goodbye and become a soldier of flavor. Defended by the might of intense garlic and more sweet garlic bolstered by heroically hot habanero heat. Burn a victorious swath through the blandness and savor the savoriest of victories. The dinner and the glory are yours when you release Garmageddon!


Full Bodied Flavor in Heat

The symphony begins with a tantalizingly tangy burst simmering with sultry smoky notes sparking into tingly embers of premium spice surging into ever rising waves of habanero heat that subside into your satisfaction. Richard's Hot Sauce proves you no longer have to sacrifice flavor for heat. Let your taste buds dance in the perfect harmony of flavors expertly composed to be the ideal accompaniment to any meal.


X-tra HOT
Burning, Sweaty, Throbbing Intensity

Our friends admit to eating our sauce on anything and everything just so they can enjoy our unique flavor and precise measure of habanero heat. We know you will enjoy it too. Richard's Hot Sauce is perfect on any cuisine from east to west and any meal from breakfast to a midnight snack. Richard's Hot Sauce also converts any favorite barbeque, marinade, or pasta sauce into your custom creation with a delicious kick. Give new life to biscuit, cornbread, and meatloaf recipes. The delectable applications are endless.


Richard's HOT smokey-sweet BARBEQUE
savoring sauce

Richard's Hot Barbeque Sauce has the perfectly balanced blend of sweet smoky flavor and satisfying habanero heat that you desire. Truly the best friend of all grillable meats from poultry to pork. Even side dishes like baked beans acquire a touch of saucy sass with a dose of Richard's Barbeque. Richard's tangy smoky sweet heat will elevate your hot dogs and hamburgers to gourmet fare and even add inspiring new savory dimension to your tofu and veggie meats. For topping all your grilling and barbeque treats, Richard's Hot Barbeque can not be beat.


Hot Lovin

Who knew convenience cuisine could be such a steamy affair? A dash of Hot Lovin's exotic smoky, tangy habenero chipotle heat creates dangerous delicacies dripping with salty, hot, sweaty intensity. It's love at first bite... that bites back hard!


St. Pete Heat

Give your dinner a dose of solar power from the home of the Skyway Bridge. Just as the glorious gulf waters intensify the heat of the sun this sauce delivers tropical flavor intensified with habanero heat that burns so good! Treat your tongue to a hot pineapple paradise.


Crime Scene

Crime Scene Hit "n" Run X-tra Hot Habanero Sauce will have you burning rubber to your next meal. With hot Cayenne and Habanero flavor so intense it's a felony you will be driven to pour the evidence over every last morsel. From breakfast to midnight snack the smoky tanginess will compel you to return to the scene of the crime for every meal.


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