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Richard Meets Hot Sauce

My awareness of hot sauce as an everyday condiment was initiated by a trip to Aculpulco in 1995. While vacationing there I had the pleasure of enjoying fresh green and red chile sauces with nearly every meal. This experience was life changing. At Home in St Petersburg, FL, I quickly accumulated a refrigerator door full of “the hotter the better” hot sauces. Eventually the thrill of daring the threshold of Scoville unit tolerance gave way to the desire to use hot sauce enhance the pleasure and flavor of food.

In 2004 with calibrated taste buds I executed my first recipe. I washed fresh habaneros, peeled piles of garlic, gathered my favorite spices, blended and boiled. Every ingredient, weight, time, and temperature was precisely documented. Perfection was achieved in my fourth batch. I shared the few precious bottles with my band mates and friends from work. It wasn’t long before they were asking for more than I could produce on my own. Travel and research yielded a top notch bottler.

It was a great investment. Years of work yielded more sauces, many inspired by customer recommendations. I can truly say the sweet taste of success is just as satisfying as my hot sauce.

Richard Meets Heidi

I married Heidi in 2004, the same year I started Richard’s Hot Sauce Company. She shares my goofy sense of humor, she is my kitchen co-pilot, and she also happens to be a wonderful artist. Heidi created the logos, labels, and tongue-in-cheek descriptions enjoyed on every bottle.



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